The Dieline Award 2017

March 1, 2018 No Comments

PaperFoam wins the 2017 Dieline Award!

The Dieline Award 2017 has been won by Waterdrop, thanks to a stunning packaging  designed by PaperFoam and KVELL. What a great achievement! The Dieline award is one of the most competitive and prestigious design competitions in the industry. More then 1600 participants subscribed and competed for this design competition.

Look at some stunning pictures of this sustainable packaging on The Dieline page.


KVELL designed and developed the brand waterdrop™, which is the world’s first microdrink. A microdrink is a compressed cube of exquisite ingredients. You drop a cube in water, which then ads flavour and vitamins to your water without the use of sugar. The waterdrops are a well suited beverage system for your business or at home and thus a practical and tasty solution to spice up your water, all in a beautiful package.

The KVELL design team focused on creating entirely new experiences surrounding drinking water. Each waterdrop™ is placed in a small recyclable blister, ensuring freshness and hygienic usage for your drinks. You can choose between different flavours that boost and energise according to your needs.

The packaging originated from an idea that the ever-present water platform could allow you to customise your own drinks, while at the same time  rendering large shipments of plastic bottles redundant. Huge savings in CO2 emissions are attributable to the diminutive size of the waterdrop™ and the use of recyclable, biodegradable trays.

About The Dieline award 2017

This product could meet design standards thanks to PaperFoam’s streamlined injection moulding process. The high level of quality, design competence and attention to detail made PaperFoam the perfect partner for this project. The Dieline award 2017 makes us very proud: we got awarded as “Outstanding Achievement”!  Thank you KVELL! Thank you PaperFoam! This is the second time we have won this price.

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