How is PaperFoam® made?

PaperFoam is made by an injection molding process. A special mixture of industrial starch, cellulose fibers and water is injected into molds to shape trays in various sizes. Find out all about the features and benefits below.

Ingredients of PaperFoam®


PaperFoam material weighs about 24 ounces per gallon (180 grams per liter). This translates into possible weight reductions of 40% compared to traditional products.

PaperFoam patended injection molding

Injection molding in three steps

Turning starch into packaging trays

The Science Channel dedicated an episode on the technology behind PaperFoam, giving an insight in how packaging trays are made from raw materials to finished products. The video can be found here.

Check out the news section to see how PaperFoam overcomes various packaging challenges.

Material properties

  • Light weight
  • Cushioning
  • Nonabrasive (no need for poly bags)
PaperFoam headphone packaging, no plastics used and the most sustainable packaging available.


  • Wide array of colors
  • Detailed embossing and debossing
  • Textured surfaces

Design capabilities

  • Perfect fit (injection molding)
  • Friction fitting, clamping features
  • Stackable (easy handling)
  • In-mold labeling (hinges)
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