Benefits of PaperFoam®

By choosing for PaperFoam® packaging you do not only contribute to be more sustainable, you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Carbon footprint reduction up to 90%
  • Personalized biodegradable
  • Wide array of colors, details and textures
  • Protecting your product by excellent fit.

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PaperFoam patended injection molding

Making PaperFoam®

Step 1: make biobased packaging mix

You choose the design, color and style of the PaperFoam®. Our biodegradable packaging can be shaped into any form by using injection molding. We mix the four ingredients until it’s a thick paste which we inject into a mold.

Step 2: form biobased packaging

We inject our mixed material into hard aluminium tools. Then we bake it at roughly 400 °F (204 °C). When the mold opens, the new biodegradable packaging gets ejected out. We then do a quality check, stack and ship your new biobased packaging to you.

Weight reduction and protection

PaperFoam® packaging reduces the weight of product packaging up to 40% compared to regular product wrappings. However, the fact that PaperFoam® is so lightweight does not mean it won’t protect your product. On the contrary: PaperFoam® biobased packaging forms a cushion around your product, protecting it even better compared to regular packaging. Read more about our sustainability!

Customized packaging

Since we make the PaperFoam® mixture from scratch, we can add any color to the mixture. Also, all molds are customized to your specifics. Do you want packaging with extra texture, the possibility to stack all packing trays or add your logo to the biobased packaging? No problem! PaperFoam® is 100% customizable.
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PaperFoam headphone packaging, no plastics used and the most sustainable packaging available.

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