Our sustainable packaging is as green as it gets

PaperFoam® sustainable packaging is environment-friendly during its entire lifecycle. The ingredients - industrial starch, fibers and water - are biobased and renewable. Energy-efficient, low-carbon manufacturing makes for material that is compostable at home or recyclable with paper. Nature itself breaks down the material in a matter of weeks – pollution-free with no harmful leftovers. Our certified sustainable packaging is a responsible and eco-friendly solution for both manufacturers and consumers.

PaperFoam packaging design no plastics sustainable ingredients starch and water, reduce carbon footprint


The sustainability of our packaging is has been proven. Its compostability, biodegradability, recyclability and sustainability are all recognised through multiple certifications, such as:

  • TÜV certified home compostable
  • TÜV certified biobased
  • UL validated paper recyclable
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Environment-friendly production

Besides being 100% biodegradable and compostable, there are more benefits to our certified sustainable packaging. Among others, it reduces your carbon footprint up to 90%! Other environmental advantages of our PaperFoam® sustainable packages are:

  • Energy-efficient molding
  • Low water usage
  • Solar and wind powered where available
  • Efficient warehousing

Saving on CO2 with sustainable packaging

The chart below shows the impact on your CO2 emissions when you replace traditional packaging materials with our sustainable PaperFoam® packaging. Get in touch with us to receive the extensive LCA studies and learn how you can contribute to a sustainable future.


Questions about our sustainable packaging?

Do you have any questions concerning our PaperFoam® sustainable packaging? You can reach us via e-mail, fax or phone. You can also fill out our information request form and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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