PaperFoam® joins forces with Toly to transform beauty packaging sustainability

In an exciting collaboration with Toly, we are proud to unveil a revolutionary partnership that reimagines sustainable packaging within the Beauty Industry. This strategic alliance signifies a monumental leap forward for PaperFoam® as it aligns with Toly’s global commercial prowess and forward-looking sustainability strategy. By merging Toly’s expansive reach with our cutting-edge injection-molded technology, this collaboration aims to introduce an innovative lineup of environmentally conscious products that will redefine beauty packaging norms.

A spectrum of innovative eco-friendly offerings

The synergy between PaperFoam® and Toly has given birth to a remarkable array of sustainable beauty products. Ranging from jars and pallets to dropper packs, inlays, twist-up sticks, and refill systems, each product showcases the harmonious convergence of Toly’s expertise and our groundbreaking technology. The resulting offerings reflect a shared commitment to delivering packaging solutions that marry aesthetics with ecological mindfulness.

Elevating sustainability at the core

At the heart of our identity is dedication to pioneering sustainable packaging materials. Through the injection-molded process, we transform a 100% biobased starch mixture into robust, scratch-resistant packaging that serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. This eco-centric ethos seamlessly resonates with Toly’s vision for sustainability. Most notably, the partnership centers around creating products that boast recyclability within paper streams and full compostability via standard home and industrial methods. This unified commitment to environmental stewardship has paved the way for the launch of groundbreaking products that challenge conventional beauty packaging norms.

A glimpse into the future

With applications spanning makeup palettes, jars, and refill systems, PaperFoam® boasts an impressive portfolio that aligns with Toly’s aspirations. A prime testament to the partnership’s triumph is the Half Magic cosmetic palette, acclaimed as the Plastic-Free Innovation of the Year at the Dieline Awards 2023. This cosmetic palette, hewn from potato starch and cellulose, stands as a watershed moment in plastic-free beauty packaging. Notably, Half Magic stands tall as the inaugural beauty brand to embrace PaperFoam® as its primary packaging medium, a milestone achievement that underscores the boundless potential inherent in this collaboration.

Transformative sustainability in beauty packaging

The PaperFoam® and Toly partnership has ushered in an era of transformative sustainability in beauty packaging. By championing avant-garde solutions that harmonize design with environmental responsibility, this alliance shines as a beacon of change in an industry grappling with plastic waste. Through an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining luxury aesthetics, PaperFoam® and Toly continue to chart a course toward a more sustainable, eco-conscious future for the Beauty Industry.

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Package your cosmetic products in our biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging. Companies such as Half Magic and many more already joined our cause by using our eco-friendly Toly x PaperFoam® packaging for their product.

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