PaperFoam and Seed Health paper recyclable packaging

Seed Health x PaperFoam®

PaperFoam® is proud to present this eco-friendly shipping solution designed for Seed Health, a company that cares about human and planetary health. We have fully customized the shipping package and box inserts to their packaging needs. Of course, Seed Health wants their customers to receive their products in perfect condition. What company doesn’t? They also know how important a good first impression is. The look and feel of packaging are important features that influence first impressions of your product. These three elements are essential for this sustainable packaging design:

  • Scratch proof biodegradable packaging
  • Lightweight eCommerce shipping packaging
  • Intense color for a luxurious feel

Colorful sustainable packaging

The shipping box and inner packaging are full-color custom packaging designed for this specific product. The appealing moss green color has a luxurious satin glow that compliments the dark green glass containers inside. We can add any color to your packaging since all our packaging is custom designed, and we make the biodegradable mixture from scratch. Our production process makes your sustainable packaging completely customizable and helps you create a fantastic unboxing experience for your customers.

Scratch-proof sustainable eCommerce packaging

After you have worked out every aspect of your product, you want your products to arrive safely. PaperFoam® protective packaging is scratch-proof and provides protection for all types of products, from small glass containers for medical supplies or cosmetics to electronics and fragile food items that easily crack, like an egg. We add protective packaging to your shipping box to protect your goods during transportation and shipping. Seed Health places their fragile glass containers in the green box inserts, custom designed for their functionality, aesthetic, and sustainability. Together, the shipping package and the custom box insert protect the products from colliding with other products in the box and from the impact of falling.

Lightweight biobased packaging

Outstanding product protection and the “wow” factor of product presentation aside, there is another perk to PaperFoam® biobased packaging. You can significantly reduce your shipping costs with PaperFoam® since it reduces the weight by up to 40% compared to regular product packaging. And after your customers receive their products, they can turn the packaging material into waste into beautiful compost since nature entirely breaks it down in a matter of weeks.