Packaging made of paper recyclable materials

We create sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions for you and your customers. If you believe in reducing your environmental impact through eco-friendly packaging options, we have the perfect solution for you. At PaperFoam®, we produce custom packaging solutions that only consist of natural, paper-like materials fit for recycling. Renewable resources such as water, starch, and fibers form the basis for PaperFoam® packaging. In addition, these materials are easy to recycle with paper, making them an excellent choice for packaging products. 

PaperFoam® is recyclable with paper

You or your customers can recycle PaperFoam® with paper. PaperFoam® consists of fibers similar to paper and contains no contaminants such as chemical residue, plastic, or metal. It is important to note that some types of paper, such as glossy magazines or wax-coated paper, may need help reprocessing. You may need to separate them before they are suitable for recycling. We solve this issue for you by creating a custom packaging product that consists entirely of biological materials. In creating your custom design, we color the packaging solution with eco-friendly ink and pigments.

Check out our portfolio for an example of full-color recyclable packaging.

Recycling symbols on packaging

Furthermore, we incorporate recycling symbols and instructions on our packaging to encourage customers to recycle and properly dispose of the product. By educating consumers on the importance of recycling, we aim to promote a culture of sustainability and encourage more companies to adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Recycling for resource conservation

Recycling and decomposing play an essential role in reducing waste and preserving the environment. However, recycling can offer more resource conservation, energy savings, and pollution reduction benefits. Recycling allows the recovery and reuse of valuable materials, such as metals, plastics, and paper. These valuable materials would otherwise be wasted. Repurposing helps conserve natural resources and reduces the need to extract new materials, which can harm the environment. Furthermore, recycling often requires less energy than extracting new materials from the earth.

Want to reduce environmental impact?

We understand that the packaging industry has a significant impact on the environment. That is why we dedicate ourselves to creating recyclable packaging options for our customers. By using renewable resources and designing for efficiency, we are working to reduce environmental impact and promote a greener future. Do you want to contribute to a greener planet with sustainable packaging? Contact our headquarters in Europe, Asia, and the United States.