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Sustainable packaging revolution: the Fairphone and PaperFoam® story

Fairphone leads the way with a groundbreaking approach to producing phones in a world increasingly conscious of its ecological footprint. With every phone they make, they improve the sourcing and recyclability of its parts, the environment, and working conditions. Additionally, they use sustainable packaging. Their commitment is evident in every Fairphone box that reaches your hands, each crafted entirely from sustainable materials. It isn’t just a package. It’s a statement that resonates with the values of today’s eco-aware consumer.

When you first open a Fairphone box, the embossed texture on the tray immediately catches your eye, signifying the attention to detail and quality. But it’s not just about aesthetics. The outer box and inner trays are 100% paper recyclable, echoing Fairphone’s mission: sustainability and future-proofing in every aspect.

Only natural ingredients, maximum protection

This is where PaperFoam® comes in – the heart of this sustainable packaging revolution. Comprised of three simple, natural ingredients – starch, fibers, and water – this unique material transforms into a durable, paper-like, foamy substance. What sets PaperFoam® apart is its natural decomposition ability, making it home-compostable and recyclable alongside paper, a rare feat in the packaging industry.

But why PaperFoam®? It’s sourced from renewable resources, aligning perfectly with the need for packaging solutions that are both environmentally friendly and protective during transportation. PaperFoam®’s lightweight yet robust nature positions it as an exceptional alternative to traditional packaging materials like plastic and Styrofoam. By choosing PaperFoam®, Fairphone doesn’t just reduce waste; it also significantly lowers carbon emissions during transportation.

PaperFoam® Philosophy

PaperFoam® embodies a conservation-minded philosophy across all business operations. From utilizing renewable energy sources and recycling waste to implementing low-impact, no-pollution practices in our supply chain, we are setting a new standard. Moreover, with factories strategically located in Europe, Asia, and the United States, local production becomes a cornerstone of our strategy to enhance supply chain sustainability. This approach minimizes our carbon footprint and proves efficient in terms of time and cost.

In essence, the collaboration between Fairphone and PaperFoam® isn’t just about creating a sustainable package. It’s about shaping a future where technology and nature coexist harmoniously. By choosing Fairphone, consumers are not just buying a phone; they’re endorsing a movement, a philosophy that speaks volumes about their values and vision for a greener, cleaner world. Would you like to be like Fairphone? We can help you reach that goal by creating a sustainable packaging solution for your brand. So you can offer your customers a promise of a sustainable future.