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This sustainable egg carton design is an essential step for Kipster, as its primary value is the health and welfare of animals and human beings. PaperFoam egg cartons help them respect life. It also helps protect the eggs from damage and prolong their shelf life. There are many different types of egg cartons available. Still, one of the most popular options is cardboard cartons. PaperFoam replaces cardboard egg cartons with packaging made from renewable materials that are completely biodegradable, making them an excellent choice for those who care about the environment. In addition, PaperFoam egg cartons are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a convenient option for farmers and retailers.

These PaperFoam egg cartons:

  • Have high protective value;
  • Are made from plant-based materials;
  • Are certified food-grade packaging;
  • Save space and weight during shipping.

Egg carton protects during transport and storage

One of the main benefits of sustainable egg cartons is their protective qualities. PaperFoam designs egg cartons to keep the eggs safe during transport and storage, preventing them from cracking or breaking. They also help to keep the eggs at a consistent temperature and humidity level, which is essential for maintaining their quality.

Plant-based material with customized color and design 

PaperFoam replaces the standard cardboard cartons with a sustainable egg carton option. We make this bio-based product out of cellulose fibers, starch, and water, all with a significantly low carbon footprint. Not only are these trays friendly for the environment, but they also provide excellent protection for the eggs. Sustainable egg cartons are available in customized and visually appealing designs that fit your brand, company style, and message. In addition, PaperFoam egg cartons can be printed with colorful graphics and branding, making them more attractive to customers. Do you want to safe on labeling costs? PaperFoam can add embossed logos and texts on your packaging solution.

Egg cartons for carbon-neutral eggs 

In short, sustainable egg cartons are a significant step for companies in the egg industry, such as Kipster, as it helps them to reach their sustainability goals. Kipster is the first farming company to produce carbon-neutral eggs. PaperFoam egg cartons help them protect the eggs, prolong their shelf life, and are friendly to the environment. In addition, the egg carton’s plant-based materials are recyclable and home compostable. Another fantastic characteristic is their visual appeal. Custom design and color make the egg cartons recognizable for customers, which may help you increase sales. If you are looking for a sustainable option to package your eggs, consider using PaperFoam biodegradable trays made from plant-based materials.