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Why I live a zero waste life | Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer, a teenager known for her inspiring TED-talks, has produced no more than a peanut-butter jar of waste over the past three years.

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You and I produce around 185 pounds (85 kg’s) a year in plastics alone. That’s a lot of packaging and shopping bags. More sustainable packaging could help solve a lot of problems. And that is exactly where the PaperFoam business model helps. Our packaging solutions reduce plastic waste, and drastically cut down on carbon emissions. From an environmental point of view: we couldn’t be happier with less plastics like PET and Styro.

But how sustainable is cardboard anyway? There are different opinions and lifecycle assessments. A calculation we did independently turned out te reduce CO2 emissions by 90%! That is a lot.

Lauren Singer takes waste reduction to the extreme, and for the rest of us there are sustainable, light-waste alternatives. Again: be sure to check out why and how Lauren lives a zero waste live on her famous TED talk.

Future proof and worth watching!