Next-gen Design from Amsterdam

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Sustaianble Clock from paperfoam

Paperclock by Anno Benk

Design should be appealing, a treat for the eye. And the story behind a creation is what makes people choose for the one and not the other.

raw materials

Base materials: industrial starch and fibers

Anno Benk – the newest design brand out of Amsterdam  – launches it’s first line of products, including the Paperclock. This is Dutch Design at it’s best: highly functional, best build quality, and pure and most sustainable. People tend to care about the origins of their products nowadays: how are they made, what are they made of?

When you put something in your office or house interior, it tells a lot about you. Anno Benk takes Dutch Design to the next level by applying reliable, sustainable sourcing and production to stunningly simple and useful designed products.

candle holder anno benk

Another Anno Benk design: the Casted Candle Holder

Take a look at the Wire Bowl, Occasional Table and Casted Candle Holder as well. Be sure to visit to order your own!