eco-friendly packaging for sirona, reduce carbon footprint

Nurturing our planet’s health

Discover PaperFoam®’s ideal protective packaging solution, meticulously tailored for dental supply safety. We crafted this innovation with Dentsply Sirona in mind—the premier name in professional dental products and technology. Its featherlight design ensures your dental tools are shielded during transit and storage, offering a secure nesting place that welcomes repeated use.

The exterior box preserves and celebrates your brand with its custom-printed logo and content specifics. A trio of benefits drove Dentsply Sirona’s choice of PaperFoam®:

  • The ease of content removal and replacement for continual reuse;
  • Customized, ultralight packaging granting unparalleled safeguarding;
  • An environmentally conscious production process that champions local, low-carbon manufacturing.

Recyclable and repurposable packaging

The precision with which the instruments fit into the tray is evident upon inspection. PaperFoam®’s custom inserts promise a snug embrace for your products, ensuring maintenance of their pristine condition through all phases of delivery and storage. The customization of each design meets both the protective requirements and aesthetic preferences of your brand. Once its duty is fulfilled, the entire packaging can be recycled with paper or composted (home and industry), thanks to its biobased nature.

Ultralight packaging with optimal protection

Why settle for PaperFoam®? Beyond the ecological benefit of reducing landfill and ocean waste, this biobased packaging also provides superior product protection. Its cushioning effect, paired with a significant weight reduction, promises safety and cost savings on shipping.

Commitment to local production and reduced carbon footprint

PaperFoam® is steadfast in its daily commitment to carbon footprint reduction. Sustainable practices start with local manufacturing, ensuring a clean, low-impact production journey. With facilities in Europe, Asia, and the United States, we prioritize a low-carbon process, cutting emissions from transport significantly. Our energy-efficient methods allow us to offer you personalized, biodegradable designs, ensuring that when the packaging’s life cycle ends, it can gracefully return to the earth as compost.