Packaging for candle refill

Experience the pinnacle of eco-innovation with Carrière Frères’ new candle refill container, meticulously developed by PaperFoam®. This container is not only 100% compostable and recyclable but also heralds a revolutionary step forward in eco-friendly packaging. By forsaking traditional cardboard boxes, this design establishes a novel benchmark for sustainability in packaging.

Sustainable Materials

Each container is crafted from a vegetal ‘skin’, a biodegradable blend that harmonizes with nature. Made from a mixture of natural paper, potato starch, water, and an organic binder, it houses the candle’s 100% vegetable wax refill, derived from organic European rapeseed. This innovative composition ensures that the container is as gentle on the Earth as it is pleasing to the senses.

Recyclable Paper-Based Materials

At PaperFoam®, we are committed to providing sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact. Our packaging is made entirely from natural, paper-like materials, which are not only renewable but also fully recyclable. Using water, starch, and fibers as our base materials, we create products that are easy to recycle alongside ordinary paper, offering a seamless solution for environmentally conscious businesses.

Eco-Friendly Customization

PaperFoam® is recyclable with ordinary paper waste, as it is composed of fiber materials free from chemical residues, plastics, or metals, unlike some specialty papers that require separate processing. This ensures that our packaging can be disposed of easily without the need for separation. For custom packaging solutions, we use only eco-friendly inks and pigments, enhancing the sustainability of our products while allowing for creative, full-color designs that reflect your brand’s commitment to the environment.

The Broader Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is not just about reducing waste; it is a key element in conserving resources, saving energy, and minimizing pollution. By recycling materials like metals, plastics, and paper, we prevent the unnecessary waste of valuable resources. This process conserves natural reserves and reduces the energy required compared to extracting raw materials from the earth, thus supporting a healthier planet.

Endless Reuse

In line with Carrière Frères’ dedication to sustainability, they encourage customers to retain the candle’s original glass holder and reuse it indefinitely. This initiative not only reduces waste but also promotes a sustainable lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy continuous elegance and fragrance in your home.

Choose Sustainable Luxury

Step into a future where luxury meets ecological responsibility. Opt for Carrière Frères for your aromatic needs and contribute to a more sustainable planet with each scented candle you light.

Guide to Using your Carrière Frères Scented Candle Refill

  1. Do not attempt to burn the refill while it is still in its packaging.
  2. First, clear any remaining wax from your Carrière Frères glass container. This can be done by placing the container in the freezer for a few hours, which makes the wax easy to remove. Alternatively, you can clean the container with a wet, soapy cloth.
  3. Take out the old wick along with the metallic wick holder from the glass container.
  4. Invert the refill packaging and gently take out the refill.
  5. Place the new scented candle refill into the clean Carrière Frères glass container.
  6. Ensure that you allow the candle to burn until the wax has completely melted across the surface. Let the wax solidify before lighting the candle again.
  7. Keep the candle wick trimmed to a quarter inch to ensure optimal burning and to prevent soot from forming.