sustainable trays for aberfeldy wisky

PaperFoam® is delighted to unveil an innovative, eco-friendly packaging solution tailor-made for Bacardi’s Aberfeldy whisky gift packs. In their unwavering commitment to sustainability, Bacardi has chosen PaperFoam® trays, a move that aligns perfectly with their environmental goals. Our packaging not only meets their stringent requirements but also enhances the consumer’s unboxing experience. Read about the unique features of this sustainable packaging design.

Striking Visual Appeal

The PaperFoam trays feature a sleek black finish, which, coupled with the refined aluminum box crafted by Eviosys, presents an elegant and sophisticated appearance. This packaging is designed for this specific product and ensures that the first impression is both luxurious and memorable.

Custom Design

We make sure your sustainable packaging compliments the product inside. And, since all our packaging is custom designed and we make the biodegradable mixture from scratch, we can add any color to your packaging. Our production process makes your sustainable packaging completely customizable and helps you create a fantastic unboxing experience for your customers.

Secure Friction Fit Packaging

Designed with precision, the friction-fit trays ensure that the bottle remains secure throughout its journey, minimizing the risk of movement and damage. The addition of finger holes simplifies the retrieval process, making it user-friendly while maintaining the premium feel.

Integrated Information Display

These innovative trays are engineered to not only protect but also inform. They offer a designated space to hold product information, which enhances the customer experience by making essential details readily accessible.

Lightweight and Biodegradable

Leveraging PaperFoam®’s technology, this packaging solution significantly reduces shipping costs by cutting down on weight. More impressively, it contributes to a circular economy as it can be completely broken down by nature within weeks, turning waste into compost.

Bacardi’s decision to use PaperFoam trays exemplifies their dedication to blending luxury with environmental responsibility. Cheers to Bacardi for setting a new standard in sustainable packaging that doesn’t compromise on style or substance.