Frima ice cream cones Sustainable-non-plastic-tray

Eco-friendly food packaging

Frima is a worldwide supplier of waffles and other ice cream accessories. PaperFoam® custom designed these protective box inserts for the global shipping of ice cream cones from the factory to wholesalers, retailers, and other customers in their market. This award-winning design features one of our largest eco-friendly food packaging trays. It holds the waffle cones in rows, stacking multiple layers in a box. The eco-friendly food packaging replaces other lightweight materials such as Styrofoam and polystyrene plastics. Furthermore, the custom design of these new stackable PaperFoam® trays improves efficiency by reducing pallet space by 75%. The most noticeable characteristics of this eco-friendly food packaging design are:

  • The trays are 100% biodegradable
  • Certified food-grade packaging
  • The trays save space and weight during shipping
  • Made of home and industry-compostable material
  • Space reducing design

What if we told you that you could reduce your shipping costs with PaperFoam® packaging? For Frima, the PaperFoam® eco-friendly box inserts reduce pallet space by 75% compared to their previous box inserts. Pallet space reduction means you can transport more products in one shipment. Additionally, replacing your regular product packaging with PaperFoam® box inserts may reduce your packaging weight by up to 40%. Do you wonder if the product still adequately protects in such a space and weight-saving solution? Yes, it does! We custom-shape the biobased material to form a cushion around your product for optimal protection—all in all, worldwide shipping with biodegradable packaging proves to be a sustainable and economizing opportunity. Learn more about the material and our technology.

Biodegradable food packaging

When it comes to food packaging, Frima cares about food safety as well as the environment. For them (and for us), it is essential that the product arrives at their customers in one piece. In the past polluting materials, such as polystyrene plastics, were used for such purposes. Today PaperFoam® offers a certified food-grade solution that protects both the product and the environment. At PaperFoam®, we create biodegradable food packing with food-grade certification for dry food, baked goods, and fresh produce. Our biodegradable food packing material comprises all-natural elements and is 100% home and industry compostable. Your customers can recycle the biodegradable food packing with paper or simply add it to their compost heap; the packaging material will break down in a matter of weeks.