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User-friendly and green


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for a job well done. We have had the best experience working with PaperFoam, from the very first phone call to shipping our first product out to customers.”

– Utz Baldwin, CEO

The Plum Lightpad. A beautiful, smart and innovative product that re-invents age-old technology. Truly revolutionary in its design from the ground up. This product is super easy to use and PaperFoam contributed to this focusing on customer experience. The box that comes with a brand new Plum Lightpad should be as user friendly as the product itself. An unboxing experience that fits the revolutionary user experience and welcomes customers to enjoy their beautiful product and makes installation and setup even more compelling.

“You guys hava a winner here. Everything, from the packaging to the product is really impressive..”

– Customer review

PaperFoam helped develop a packaging solution to meet those requirements while maintaining tight deadlines before product launch. Before shipping, the packaging required to emphasise on the innovative nature of the Lightpad product while carefully protecting it for transport. If there’s no room for concessions on both functionality and design, PaperFoam came out as the preferred partner to team up with.