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PaperFoam tray part of the Valve supply chain

Valve uses PaperFoam as preferred packaging supplier. Steam Controllers are assembled, tested, and boxed using a highly sophisticated, high-speed packaging line. See for yourself how amazingly fast and automated our partner integrates PaperFoam trays in their state-of-the-art assembly line.

An amazing two-minute clip worth watching!

A sustainable PaperFoam-designed tray protects the controller from scratches and dust, while ensuring safe transport, delivery and an excellent unboxing experience for the end user.

For the Steam Controller, high-speed and high-integrity is essential. There’s no room for error! Seamless packaging with PaperFoam trays is part of the Valve supply chain as controllers are assembled, tested, packed, and shipped. This PaperFoam solution is lightweight, contributing to efficiency and a low carbon footprint. Be sure to watch the clip where Valve gives an insight into this high-tech and fully automated process.