PaperFoam splint: Quick. Invisible. Disposable.


The PaperFoamSplint is an innovative development of the traditional splint. It will fixate and support a broken arm in the perfect position. All the while a patient is waiting for an X-ray. An X-ray on which it will be near-invisible.

A quick fix

The PaperFoamSplint is intended as a quick measure. It can be applied in the waiting room of a hospital. The splint is designed in two separate parts. One part supports the forearm. One part supports the upper arm. The two parts can be assembled easily (by adding water), fixating the fractured arm. Depending on the fracture, the splint can also be modified.

In addition, you can add a sling for better patient convenience and more support. Even when the patient suffers from a sprain, the PaperFoamSplint can be used up to 10 days.

The see-through splint

Traditional splints often have to be removed before an X-ray examination takes place. Because the PaperFoamSplint is made out of biobased materials it will hardly show up on X-ray. Due to the low density it will be barely show (lowest settings). This brings some major benefits. Patients can keep their sensitive arm in the comfortable splint. In addition the arm will also be in a perfect position for X-ray photography.

PaperFoam splint

Benefits of the PaperFoamSplint:

  • High patient convenience level
  • No display of the splint on X-ray
  • Light weight (85 grams, 3 ounce)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • One size fits all
  • Fully compostable
  • Compatible with medical waste shredders

The PaperFoamSplint – Pilot

“We are looking for you!””

The PaperFoamSplint is an indispensable device in every hospital. Medical engineers designed it in consultation with medical professionals. Now it is time for the next phase. To be sure the PaperFoamSplint works properly within every medical institution, we need to keep testing it. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to facilitate the pilot. In return PaperFoam BV will give you:

  • Personalized splints
  • Exclusivity on the best way to innovate
  • Enough splints for the pilot
  • Discount on the next purchase

Information and conditions will be sent upon request.

M. Geerts | CEO PaperFoam BV | | (+31)6 14 96 47 55