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PaperFoam Splint

By March 5, 2015October 21st, 2022No Comments

Medical packaging material

Besides several packagings for medical devices like syringes and insulin pumps we also came up with some medical products like the kidney tray, Checkmed or a medical device to apply eye droplets.

We partnered with the University of applied sciences Windesheim in The Netherlands to research and develop a product made out of PaperFoam material that could be used for medical purpose.

After doing research in co-operation with different hospitals we’ve developed the PaperFoam splint.

One of the features of the PaperFoam Splint is that the patient never has to take it off. Therefore the patient convenience level is exceptional and the handling time by doctors and nurses is minimised. The splint can be applied at least 5 minutes faster than conventional splints, and does not need to be removed during the X-ray.  The PaperFoam splint always positions the patients arm perfectly for taking X-rays.