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PaperFoam egg packaging

By March 16, 2015October 21st, 2022No Comments

Sustainable and food-safe egg boxes

Egg boxes can be made out of different materials. We now offer standard egg packaging made from our PaperFoam material. PaperFoam is made from starch and cellulose. Our material is biobased, biodegradable and also paper recyclable.

We are able to supply you with custom made and/or standard egg packaging. Our egg packaging is available in any color you can imagine.

We’ve made egg packaging for Rondeel. These trays run automatically on machines from Vencomatic Group/Prinzen.

Our standard egg packaging is designed for MOBA equipment. PaperFoam egg-packaging is automatically de-stacked, loaded and closed. Send us an email if you would like to get to know more about the possibilities.

Special branding

Branding eggs has never been so easy before. We offer different colors, different shapes and other design features that can be included to stand out from the egg crowd.

Unlike traditional materials we are able to offer different colors and shapes on smaller batches. This allows our customers to do something special during, for example, Easter. See the picture to the right for Rondeel special Easter packaging.

Best thing is that our material is the most environmentally friendly compared to standard egg packaging that are being used nowadays.

Carbon emission comparison

The graph to the right clearly shows that the PaperFoam tray has the lowest carbon emission of the four compared trays. It is not the lightest one (that is de Polystyrene tray). But compared to the other bio based tray (molded pulp), the PaperFoam trays are lighter and emitting much less carbon dioxide eq. (96% less than pulp; 91% less than PS and 87% less than PET).

The main drivers for the lower carbon emission of PaperFoam compared to pulp are the lower weight as well as the much lower water content in the mix of raw materials (about 3% dry matter solution for pulp, compared to almost 50% dry matter solution for PaperFoam).

Water that does not need to be removed, does not cost energy.