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2017 Climate Conference San Francisco

The Ceres & Climate First Conferences 2017  in San Francisco have been a huge success, bringing together more than 600 investors, company leaders and advocates, who are catalysing the biggest breakthroughs on sustainability. The Climate First conference was overlapping with the Ceres Conference, with Governor Jerry Brown, making it an excellent opportunity for The Netherlands State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment (Mrs. Dijksma) to join in on the events.

“The best sustainability conference I have ever attended in my 20 years in the business.” – Michael Kobori, Levi Strauss & Co.

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, gave an inspiring keynote at Ceres 2017. The Climate First conference was almost at the same time with the Ceres Conference, making it an excellent opportunity for The Netherlands State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment to in on the events.

To get a brief overview of what topics were discussed, I invite you to watch the above keynote on sustainability. Expect a broad history, down-to-earth calls to action on sustainability and some laughs as well.

Some quotes from the video:

“The biggest problem is waking up to the truth of our situation, and responding in a thoughtful, wise, effective sustained way.”

“Lets go do it. Get sustainable! Now! Not tomorrow.” 

“Together, we got to make it happen.”

State Secretary Dijksma visited the USA PaperFoam team during her stay in San Francisco, knowing that we produce one of the most sustainable packaging materials there is. Philip Bredt and Menno Groenevelt were happy to show her the latest innovations and some of the amazing packaging solutions we’ve developed. Read all about the work Mrs. Dijksma did on this page. Highlights on The Ceres Conference can be found here.