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Sustainable ice cream cone packaging – More awards for PaperFoam

Together with Frima Vafler from Denmark, PaperFoam was awarded the Bio-Based product of the year 2017 award. A great incentive! Congratulations to Frima! It’s great to see hard work pay off.

Sustainable non-plastic tray

Frima has made a packaging solution that is far more sustainable than the one they had. They used EPS (Styrofoam) trays in a box to stack rows of ice cream cones.

The EPS solution was pretty light and strong but was not sustainable at all and it used up a lot of storage space. Frima and PaperFoam saw a solution to these problems: a sustainable, lightweight tray that saves space and is better for the protection of fragile cones.

A couple of comparisons before (EPS) and after (PaperFoam):

CO2 emissions
Pallet stacking
76 grams
30 tons
216 pieces
85 grams
1.2 tons
840  pieces
Paper recyclable


Waffle cones are porous and need to be packed dry. With PaperFoam we managed to develop a tray that did protect the Cones very well, and kept the freshness of the cones.

Frima ice cream cones Sustainable-non-plastic-tray
Find out more about the awards and other nominees at the Bio-Based Live website here. To find out more about the delicious ice cream cones from Frima, pay them a visit at the Frima website.