As green as it gets

PaperFoam® is environment-friendly throughout its lifecycle. The ingredients - industrial starch, fibers and water - are biobased and renewable. Production is energy-efficient and low-carbon, and the material is home compostable or recyclable with paper. Nature itself helps break down the material in a matter of weeks, pollution-free with no harmful leftovers. A responsible and eco-friendly solution for manufacturers and consumers.

PaperFoam packaging design no plastics sustainable ingredients starch and water
PaperFoam Bio Degradable sustainable packaging solution


  • Vincotte certified home compostable
  • Vincotte certified biobased
  • Vincotte certified industrial compostable
  • UL validated paper recyclable
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Environment-friendly production

  • Energy-efficient molding
  • Low water usage
  • Solar and wind powered where available
  • Efficient warehousing

Case Study

The graph below shows the impact of replacing traditional packaging materials with sustainable PaperFoam. Get in contact with us to receive extended LCA studies and learn how you can contribute to a sustainable future.