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PaperFoam Packaging CZ

PaperFoam expands production in Czech Republic

We are proud to announce that September 2020 will see the start of full production from our latest production facility PaperFoam Packaging CZ. Getting this facility up steam will enable us to support the increasing demand for sustainable PaperFoam packaging solutions.

Last week we successfully completed the first test runs in our new production location, in Krupka, Czech Republic. We experience high demand for our sustainable packaging solutions in Europe and are reaching maximum production capacity in Barneveld, the Netherlands. Therefore, we made the decision to expand in the Czech Republic.

Expansion of global and local production

The investment in our new Czech plant, allows us to create a second European production facility which will complement the existing facilities in the US and Malaysia. This new location has the potential to increase our global production capacity by more than 30%. This helps us to reach a 50,000 ton CO2 emission reduction in 5 years, and to reduce the amount of plastics used globally.

We would like to thank our partners that made this all possible, particularly during such challenging and difficult times due to COVID-19. Special thanks must go to: Wim van Hoof, RVO, Rabobank, CzechInvest and our local management team Malcolm Ford and Ryan Ainsworth.

If you are interested in using sustainable packaging that reduces your carbon footprint significantly, please contact our PaperFoam sales team at

Mark Geerts and Willem Derkman
PaperFoam board of directors

Erwin Fontaine