rondeel egg carton made of paperfoam

We proudly present the results of our successful collaboration with Rondeel and Novidon. Of course, Rondeel’s biodegradable egg cartons were already environmentally friendly. Still, by utilizing potato starch from waste streams of French fry and chip production, the packaging has become even more sustainable and 100% circular.

At the Rondeel chicken coop, animal welfare, as well as the environment, food safety, and fair prices for farmers are top-notch. The chickens feel right at home in the Rondeel, where they can scratch around and chill out in the open-air space, protected from diseases. Rondeel holds environmental and quality certifications and the highest three-star rating from the Animal Protection Better Life label.

What is circular packaging?

Circular packaging is like a never-ending hug for our planet. It is packaging designed to be reused, recycled, or composted so it doesn’t pollute our planet. Think of it like a game of catch: you toss a ball to a friend, they catch it, and then they toss it back to you. Circular packaging works the same way! But, instead of throwing the packaging away after one use, we can recycle it or compost it, so it can be used again and again.

The start in 2011

For Rondeel, you’re not genuinely sustainable unless your entire operation is. That includes the packaging. They started working with PaperFoam® back in 2011 when Rondeel’s signature round shape of seven pieces 2011 was developed. However, in those days, a drawback of the packaging was the starch. It came from potato starch suitable for high-end industrial applications, such as making paper and adhesives, which raises concerns with a growing world population that needs to be fed.

Improvements that led to circular packaging

We constantly search for and test new fibers and starches that are even more sustainable and provide better returns. This is how we came across Novidon. This company extracts cut starch from processed water in the potato processing industry. Cut starch is released during the production of French fries and chips, and previously, it remained unused. Now we process the starch into new packaging products, which is highly sustainable because specially-grown potatoes are no longer needed.

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