Earth-friendly innovation

Navigate the eco-conscious path with our egg cartons made entirely from biodegradable materials. Every carton disintegrates naturally, leaving no trace behind. Your choice today aligns with the global shift towards sustainable living. By purchasing, you’re actively reducing waste and championing the health of our planet.

From Home to Industry – total recyclability

Not just biodegradable, but also 100% paper recyclable. Whether you’re recycling from home or on an industrial scale, our egg cartons can be easily processed. Experience the convenience of a product that fits seamlessly into every recycling regimen. Think green, act green, and reduce your carbon footprint with each carton.

Safe and sound storage

Despite its eco-friendliness, our carton ensures the utmost protection for your eggs. The firm structure guards against breakage, while the soft interior nestles each egg safely. So, while you’re saving the planet, rest assured your eggs are secure and fresh.

De Zwaanheuvelhoeve: pioneering sustainable poultry

At the heart of ecological farming lies De Zwaanheuvelhoeve, a poultry farm that redefines sustainable agriculture. Rooted in ethical practices, this farm ensures that every chicken thrives in a natural environment, aligning with the rhythms of the earth. Committed to preserving biodiversity, De Zwaanheuvelhoeve integrates innovative techniques that reduce environmental impact, fostering a symbiotic relationship between farming and nature. Their choice in packaging aligns with their ways of working, and supports a vision for a greener, more ethical future in farming.