An attractive design for a beautiful solution. Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing solutions. And PaperFoam® got the chance to design custom packaging for their precious products. Today Cochlear hearing solutions are packaged in PaperFoam®. PaperFoam® custom packaging offers a perfect fit that holds the earpiece in place while protecting it from drops, scratches, and dust. Furthermore, the PaperFoam® interior is smooth in finish for a premium look and still fully paper recyclable.


  • Certified home or industrial compostable packaging.
  • Available with friction fit for maximum security.
  • Available with a smooth finish for a luxury look and feel.
  • Add any color for customized brand design and messaging.

Compostable packaging for medical devices

Choosing an eco-friendly product as a packaging alternative for your company’s medical devices, supplies, and equipment requires careful consideration. You want to ensure compostable packaging offers maximum protection to your carefully manufactured products during shipping while maintaining a reputable brand impact. With PaperFoam® compostable packaging, both requirements are fulfilled. Your medical device makes it to its destination safely and sustainably in its custom and elegantly designed compostable package. PaperFoam® products are certified home or industrial compostable.

Biodegradable custom packaging

All PaperFoam® biodegradable boxes and inserts are shaped to fit your product perfectly, like this design for Cochlear. After mixing four biobased ingredients into a thick paste, we use injection molding to form any shape. Any color can be added to the concoction to achieve significant shelf impact and communicate brand values. We inject the PaperFoam® material into a custom mold, bake it, and when the mold opens, your biodegradable custom packaging is ready. Check out our page on technology if you are interested in all the technicalities of making PaperFoam®.

Compostable packaging with friction fit

Our production process allows us to create custom packaging for all ranges and sizes, from extremely large to tiny but detailed trays with a friction fit. The tight-fitting patterns of PaperFoam® custom packaging prevent Cochlear hearing solutions from shifting and protect the medical device when the box is dropped or during shipping. With PaperFoam®, you can take your impact further and build reputable eco-brand value by selling and shipping your products in biodegradable custom packaging that matches its ethos of care.