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Our road to a plastic-free future

PaperFoam is a proud supporter of the Plastic Soup Foundation and their campaigns against microplastics and plastic pollution.

In the contemporary world, there is a heightened understanding of the dire consequences of plastic pollution. We stand at a critical juncture where we have the responsibility to pave a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable path for the generations to come. We commit ourselves to champion this cause, focusing on stopping plastic pollution at its root source.

Understanding the current plastic crisis

The first step in combating the plastic soup is understanding the gravity of the situation. Plastic has permeated every aspect of our lives and ecosystems. It’s found in the deepest ocean trenches and even in our bodies in the form of microplastics. This crisis is not looming; it is here, and it is escalating at an alarming rate.

Effects of plastic on human health

Recent studies have shed light on the devastating effects of plastic on human health. Microplastics, tiny fragments of plastic, have been found in human tissues, emphasizing the urgent need for a comprehensive study on the health implications of plastic waste. The Plastic Soup Foundation’s continuous endeavors in this domain aim to unravel the intricate relationship between plastic and human health, with a special highlight on the groundbreaking insights presented at their Plastic Health Summit. At PaperFoam we support their hard work!

Biobased and customized packaging: the revolution of PaperFoam®

We contribute to the cause with customized packaging solutions, made of PaperFoam®. This revolutionary material promises a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging, striking the perfect balance between utility and environmental responsibility.

Crafting PaperFoam®: the ingredients

PaperFoam® is crafted from four primary biobased ingredients, spearheaded by potato starch. The integration of natural fibers, premix and water followed by baking in a custom mold ensures a sustainable packaging solution tailored for many types of products, from medical and electronical to cosmetics, and food.


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