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Clicktight Packaging

By October 17, 2014October 21st, 2022No Comments

PaperFoam for Clicktight

PaperFoam likes to support start up talent. A little while back the Dutch start-up called: “Clicktight” was funded on Kickstarter. We we’re asked to develop the Clicktight packaging.

Clicktight is a small device developed to clench your shoe laces with a simple ‘click’ keeping them in place while running, working out or just walking.

We helped them out with developing a unique packaging that is both eco-friendly and still looks awesome. The PaperFoam part has 2 holes that friction fit a pair of Clicktight’s, focusing all attention on the product. Both text and logo’s are embossed on the PaperFoam part.

The simplistic designs of the Clicktight packaging matches that of the Product. The combination of a black PaperFoam part with the varying Clicktight’s makes the assembly a true eye catcher.