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Biobased World Live biodegradable plastic packaging

Sharing best practice for bio-based products

Global production of bio-based chemicals now exceeds 60 million tonnes. The global market for bio-based chemicals is expected to increase to at least $12.2bn by 2021.

This September, San Francisco is the place where the whole bio-based value chain is coming together to share technical best practice on the sourcing, production, process efficiency, innovation and commercialization of bio-based products.

The focus point will be to accelerate the process from lab to market, land to brand. How to produce price and performance competitive chemicals and sustainable solutions? Where can we drive market sector demands in green solutions?

Along with R&D specialists, chemical experts, brand innovators and investors from a wide range of industries, PaperFoam is bringing it’s expertise in packaging and overcoming product adaptation challenges to the event. Mark Geerts will be speaking on the subject twice on September 27th.

Together with all the high-level stakeholders in the industry, the goal is to encourage greater adoption of bio-based innovations and drive towards commercialization.