Virtual Reality – The game changer

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These are exciting times. Virtual Reality is taking off, although content is still in it’s infancy. If you want to be early in the game, spend a good $600 for a VR headset, pick your content platform, and be amazed in how truly immersive games and movies can be.

According to VR pioneer Chris Milk (SingularityHub, Within), this technology is going to fundamentally change the way we tell stories. When you look at Avatar and you look at any movie from the 1950s, it’s essentially the same: a sequence of rectangles, one after another after another. Virtual Reality is a new outgrowth of a fundamental technology: tech interfacing with our consciousness in the way that our consciousness experiences the world. And that’s human sensory information.

“…Virtual reality bridges the gap between an externalized version of an event (movies) and you actually internalizing and experiencing it..”

Facebook, Samsung and Sony, the principle players to watch on the headset market, are targeting high-end gamers. A far more accessible solution for those of us who want a sneak-peak into VR: Google Cardboard. Turn your own smartphone into a VR headset for under $10! In two clicks you can order your own headset, assemble it and enjoy an ever growing range of apps, games and 360-degree video content.

Google Cardboard

Smartphones are packed with nifty sensors and keep getting more powerfull, with high-resolution displays. The key technology to make VR work properly is right there, in your pocket. In the mean time, there seems to be a goldrush going on: but where is the real gold? Somewhere out there, the killer app is being developed that will change everything.

… in the meantime, low-cost VR headsets are being shipped millions of times online, and are popping up in grocery stores and trade shows. PaperFoam, as an innovative company, is willing to contribute to this emerging market. What about a low-cost VR headset that actually looks good? A disposable, sustainably produced product that is as comfortable to wear as a high-end pair of VR goggles? PaperFoam has concepts in the making and we are proud to present you a sneak-preview!


PaperFoam VR headset concepts