Sustainable packaging solutions for medical applications.

sustainable medical packaging materialsSustainable packaging solutions for medical applications.

As environmental awareness increases globally, medical companies increasingly commit to their environmental responsibility. Waste reduction, lowering CO2 emissions and a healthy planet are recurring topics of external sustainability reports. Topics that are shared by PaperFoam’s unique proposition.

When it comes to sustainable packaging materials, PaperFoam has the lowest GWP 100 (0,14 kg CO2-eq/kg PaperFoam). PaperFoam trays have a minimal carbon footprint in regards to comparable packaging (up to 85% reduction). The material is compostable and paper-recyclable. By combining injection molding technology with renewable resources accurate designs are made possible without sacrificing sustainability.

Medical packaging solutions

For medical applications PaperFoam is currently applied as secondary packaging for a range of products. Packing handheld medical devices and dental appliances as well as syringes, pharmaceuticals and trial kits. With its design accuracy a friction – or clamping – fit can hold products like vials, test tubes and devices in place during transport.

Friction fit

PaperFoam’s injection molding technology allows for accurate designs, this  tray clamps ampoules and vials.

medical vial packaging tray clamping protection sustainable

Freedom of smart design

The cavities of these trays can fit various products. The variable stacking height minimizes shipping of excess air. 

multi purpose medical packaging tray


PaperFoam medical trays are solely made from virgin materials and produced at mold temperatures of 200°C

medical packaging solutions