PaperFoam’s sustainable packaging solution for Fairphone

fairphone packagingInjection-molded, highly detailed and sustainable packaging.

In close cooperation with Paxpring, PaperFoam developed a packaging solution for Fairphone. PaperFoam is an injection-molded material based on starch and cellulose. Besides its premium appearance it is sustainable, having a minimal carbon footprint as calculated in Fairphone’s external LCA report.

In October 2017, Greenpeace announced Fairphone as the most sustainable tech company, surpassing the industry leaders. By sourcing fair materials and focussing on repairability Fairphone set out to be an inspiration for a more sustainable tech-industry. To complement their mission they opted for this sustainable packaging solution. In combination with its cardboard shipper, the white PaperFoam box is fully paper-recyclable. End consumers can discard the packaging with the wastepaper stream without separating.

Freedom of design

PaperFoam is injection-molded, allowing for accurately detailed designs


Certified compostability, PaperFoam trays biodegrade in a matter of weeks.

Fully paper-recyclable

Both cardboard and PaperFoam are paper-recyclable, eliminating the need to separate.