PaperFoam in 90 seconds

PaperFoam in 90 seconds
March 27, 2017 Thomas van Blijswijk

Do you remember the ‘Made by destruction’ series on Youtube covering PaperFoam? With 45K+ views on Youtube, this turned out to be one of the most watched episodes by far.

And have you seen ‘Building the Steam controller’ with 1,3 Million views? A video worth watching! The controllers are packed in PaperFoam trays in this high-tech, fully-automated assembly line.

PaperFoam decided to start hosting it’s own Youtube Channel, linking to those popular video’s in a playlist and adding it’s own content. Click here to go to the playlist on our channel!

You can go directly to ‘PaperFoam in 90 seconds’ here: Go to thevideo!