Packaging design serves many purposes. It can make your product stand out. It can offer protection. It can ease handing. PaperFoam helps you find solutions to your packaging questions. Our in-house design team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our designers and engineers are dedicated to conceptualizing and developing innovative and effective packaging solutions. Our workflow includes hand sketching, detailed 3D CAD drawings, 3D rapid prototyping, implementing production technologies and delivering on-time, cost-efficient solutions.

According to The 2015 Dieline Awards, our designs truly represent the peak of packaging design, the best creative design concepts in the world.

We are able to achieve such a high standard by implementing creativity, innovation, technical know-how and cost-efficiency into all of our designs and products.



Our team excels in delivering fast 3D solutions. We keep our lead times short and work with high level of detail. Other advantages are the use of steep drafts, a onestep process, good cushioning, living hinges, undercuts and holes.


  • Two generic trays with custom product insert
  • Paper label
  • Tray dimensions 65 x 40 x 25 mm
  • 2.5mm wall thickness for all parts
  • 4 degree draft angle
  • Friction fit on ear buds, remote and jack
  • Company logo

creative packaging design AIAIAI earphones


Interesting facts

• Optimal stacking and production with 8 degree draft angles
• Possible draft angles as low as 2 degrees
• Constant wall thickness in designs of 2.5mm
• Flexibility in wall thickness (2.0 to 3.0mm)
• Clamping and holding of products including friction fit
• PaperFoam can be laminated with paper
• Standard glue, hot melt and tape can be used to adhere parts.
• Central injection possible for small products
• Implementing in automated environments (pick and place machines, robots or trill feeders