Beyond. The 100% biodegradable urn by BeyondLife

biologisch afbreekbare urnA biodegradable urn. A living memory.

The passing of a loved one is an emotional experience. The Beyond urn provides a unique perspective on the loss of life. Commemorate your loved ones by creating new life. Every biodegradable urn by Beyond comes with a leaf containing seeds of flowers and a tree. Take the seedpod home, nurture it, relive the memories.

*it takes less then 1 minute


Made out of PaperFoam, when buried, the urn will return to nature in a matter of weeks.

biodegradable urn with tree

A living memory

Let the passing of your beloved be the start of a new living memory to nurture.

Biodegradable urn with tree seeds

Danish design

The Beyond urn has a soft and warm touch. Its organic shape is inspired by nature.

Duurzame urn composteerbaar


Joost Gierveld | (+31)6 23 08 05 25

The Beyond® biodegradable urn with tree seeds is a product by BeyondLife