Last Updated : Friday, 28-02-2014

World's first 100% biodegradable PaperFoam Champagne packaging!


Naturally Clicquot

The first 100% biodegradable isothermal packaging ever created for Champagne!

For those who like to enjoy a nice glass of Champaign occasionally, must have noticed this eye-catching packaging we made for Veuve Clicquot. It was designed together with the French designer: Cedric Ragot who cultivates a transversal approach to industrial design and creativity in the broadest sense.

This packaging does not only looks beautiful; it’s also 100% biodegradable. Veuve Clicquot and PaperFoam® thereby prove that environmentally friendly and design can go hand-in-hand.


Key features:

  • Isothermal, it maintains a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label cool for up to 2 hours.

  • Easy to take anywhere with its convenient handle.


  • Packaging made with PaperFoam®


  • Packaging and labels are 100% recyclable


For more info visit Veuve Clicquot

PaperFoam biodegradable champagne packaging for Veuve Clicquot

Last Updated : Wednesday, 20-11-2013

PaperFoam attending Packaging Innovations 2013

Next week, November wednesday 27th and thursday 28th, PaperFoam will be attending the Yearly Packaging Innovations fair in Amsterdam. Come visit our booth and see, feel and experience our latest innovations. More info about the Packaging Innovations fair can be found here.


Last Updated : Thursday, 15-05-2013

PaperFoam on the Pig and Poultry LIVE Fair

PaperFoam is introducing its innovative Egg Packaging in Britain at the Pig & Poultry LIVE; the innovative conference based technical business day for the pig, poultry meat and egg industries in Warwickshire.


Last Updated : Thursday, 20-12-2012

Burt’s Bees wins packaging contest with PaperFoam packaging.


As one of the top brands in natural personal care, Burt’s Bees believes all packaging should hold to the highest standard possible of environmental sensitivity.


As part of their continued development of sustainable packaging alternatives, they replaced the petroleum‐based PET thermoform tray in their product kits with a more sustainable option believed to be a first in the health and beauty category: a potato starch–based PaperFoam® tray. 


See link for the full article.


Last Updated : Monday, 24-09-2012

Nomination for the best entrepeneurship


PaperFoam has been selected as one out of three nominees for the best entrepreneurship in the city of Barneveld. The winner, not PaperFoam, has been selected by a jury and was presented on September 24th


Last Updated : Tuesday, 04-09-2012

Nomination for the Golden Nut


PaperFoam is selected out of more than 30 companies to be one of the ten nominees for the Gouden Noot (the Golden Nut): the packaging award in the Netherlands, The nomination is granted to the Eastern Egg packaging for Rondeel which has been sold by AHOLD.


The winner will be announced on Tuesday evening October 2nd at the 9th NVC Packaging Innovation Dinner at the Holland Casino in Utrecht, the Netherlands. PaperFoam has won in the past the Silver Nut for another innovation.


Last Updated : Wednesday, 28-09-2011

PaperFoam introduces first food packaging with Rondeel


In close cooperation with Rondeel, PaperFoam® is proud to bring to market the first egg box. It is the first food packaging in PaperFoam®.

Rondeel is an unique housing system for laying hens. This unique housing system for laying hens results into the unique consumer product: 'The Rondeel Eggs'.


Rondeel eggs are already a great success in the Netherlands and now also available at German supermarket Kaiser’s Tengelmann.  At  this German supermarket the RondeelEggs are packed into the new packaging.


The new packaging is made from PaperFoam® a 100% Bio-based material. After use the Rondeel egg box can be recycled with paper or if desired the package can be composted. The great advantage of PaperFoam® above traditional packaging types is the ultra low carbon footprint and the low weight.


This PaperFoam® egg box is a major step forwards for PaperFoam® production technology in the food industry.


Last Updated : Monday, 21-03-2011

PaperFoam moves to new location


We are happy to announce that PaperFoam headquarters will have a new location starting March 31st.


The current  location at the Bellstraat in Barneveld has become too small due to all the customers we are serving.


The new location has space for the coming years; it will house the departments Research & Technology, Design & Mould as well as the Marketing & Sales department.  Also a larger production plant will be located at the same address.


Our new address is: Hermesweg  22, 3771 ND  BARNEVELD, The Netherlands.


All phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be unchanged.


Last Updated : Sunday, 20-03-2011

PaperFoam will take part at the Interpack packaging exhibition


PaperFoam will take part at the Interpack in Düsseldorf Germany.


The event takes place from 12 may till 18th of may 2011 in Düsseldorf Germany.

Please feel free to visit us during the exhibition at the Interpack.

PaperFoam is located in hall number 9 stand number: 9H26.


We welcome you during the Interpack at our stand


Last Updated : Monday, 31-01-2011

PaperFoam introduces 3.5 inch hard drive packaging


PaperFoam has now successfully introduced the environmental friendly hard drive packaging.The PaperFoam tray absorbs the G-values, so the data on the hard drive will stay intact during shipping.




The PaperFoam hard drive packaging solutions is 100% paper recyclable.


The advantages of PaperFoam compared to standard plastic solutions are:


·         PaperFoam package is very compact (20% less volume) 

·         PaperFoam carbon footprint is 60-85% lower (cradle to cradle)

·         PaperFoam weight is for some solutions more than 50% lower

·         Using 1 million PaperFoam hard drive packages saves the earth 1.4 million polluting car miles.


Last Updated : Thursday, 25-11-2010

PaperFoam Slide-It®


How to replace plastic media packaging

PaperFoam Company is proud to present her innovative Slide-It® concept,

the most cost efficient alternative for standard plastic packaging in media and entertainment industry.


PaperFoam Slide-It® helps to make a big step forward !


The format and size is identical to existing Jewel case and Amaray box,including the spine.


The protection of the disc is perfect, the opening and closing (and loading - unloading) is even better because of the absence of a hinge, and last but not least: price is competitive to plastic.



Slide-It® is 100% made out of paper, and does bring an ultra low carbon footprint, saving 70- 80% compared to plastic Jewel case and Ecobox.


It will last as long as a plastic box -it is as durable and it will retain its shape over time- as long as you handle and archive it just like a book. 


The unique cardboard template can be manufactured fully automatically at existing foldingand gluing lines.


This results in a cost attractive packaging, for all types of discs and memory cards: CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Video Game, USB's, etc.


Slide-It® is available worldwide at authorized partners.

Last Updated : Friday, 25-06-2010

PaperFoam makes first packaging for Famostar emergency lighting.


PaperFoam developed an environmentally friendly packaging for the Famostar CELO.



Famostar emergency lighting is a company where emergency lighting systems are produced. Their latest product, the CELO, is the ideal LED-solution for escape route and open area lighting.


Famostar wanted to achieve a packaging solution with the same demands as their emergency lighting. The packaging design had to be compact, functional and reduce carbon footprint.


With PaperFoam it was possible to meet these requirements and more for Famostar:


-              Compact design solution.

-              Everything fits together in a one tray solution.

-              No need of extra protection bags to prevent scratching.

-              With PaperFoam Famostar was able to make an easy shipment solution.

-              Saving on handling cost.

-              Reduce carbon footprint.



“The CELO with a PaperFoam tray has all benefits in one: High product presentation, one tray solution and environmentally friendly.”   


                Caroline van Mourik, Marketing manager Famostar


Last Updated : Monday, 25-10-2010

PaperFoam announce new regional partnership


PaperFoam and PKG are proud to announce their regional partnership in Southern California.


This means that from now onwards PKG will adopt PaperFoam custom injection molded trays to their clients.


PKG based in Oxnard, California is successful in offering customized sustainable packaging solutions and services to their clients.


PaperFoam and PKG make a perfect pair for regional partnership. Southern California companies that are looking for PaperFoam customized trays now will find PKG as another local point of sales.


Above that PKG will be pleased to offer complete sustainable manufacturing, local distribution and carbon footprint monitoring.


PKG industries 


Last Updated : Thursday, 15-10-2009

Paperfoam LED bulb package


PaperFoam introduces an environmental friendly packaging for LED lamps: The Bio-LEDpack. A protective packaging with high marketing value.


The Bio-LEDPack is made from natural raw materials (industrial starch, natural fibers and water). After use the Bio-LEDpack can be recycled with paper. If desired, the package can be composted.


Comparing the conventional used plastic blisters and cardboards the Bio-LEDpack offers many advantages;


  • The carbon footprint is till 85% lower, which means that emissions of greenhouse gases “from cradle to grave” are much lower.
  • The product is extremely lightweight which lowers the transport costs.
  • Consumers can discard the Bio-Ledpack in the wastepaper bin.
  • Compared to plastic blisters the importer/manufacturer has to pay 6 x less packaging tax with the Bio-LEDpack
  • Because the Bio-LEDpack offers a clear view of the shape of the LED   


Last Updated : Tuesday, 23-06-2009

PaperFoam develops the first tray with a hinge


PaperFoam develops the first tray with a hinge, a major step in PaperFoam product applications.

After many years of research the PaperFoam Design and Mould department succeeded to make a tray with a hinge.

The application developed is for sending test tubes from the hospital to research labs.






The advantage of using the PaperFoam sending tray with hinge:

  • Reduces postage costs significantly because of the extreme light weight
  • No plastics used
  • Low carbon footprint compared to other shipping applications.


The PaperFoam hinge can be made during production, and is not an extra labour process.


Last Updated : Wednesday, 12-03-2008

PaperFoam develops medical products


PaperFoam develops in close cooperations with the Erasmus MC and the Small Business Innovation Research Programm (SBIR) new medical applications for eye shower application and kidney trays

PaperFoam have developed a new tray design for the Kideney trays in hospitals.



The advantage of using the PaperFoam kidney tray:


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Very light
  • No dust or open fibres
  • smooth finish


Eye shower mechanism



In close cooperation with the Erasmus MC PaperFoam did also develop the eye shower. A new innovating application to make it much easier to put eye drops into your eye. This development will be researched by the Rotterdam eye hospital.


Last Updated : Thursday, 24-07-2008

PaperFoam develops USB tray

PaperFoam develops multi functional USB tray package in standard CD format

The PaperFoam USB tray is specially developed to package an USB stick.



  • Any size USB stick smaller then 70 x 30 x 10 mm will fit
  • Package can hold any Bank,- Credit,- or other card
  • Extra cavity for key cord or accessiores
  • Standard CD size