Due to the combination of our molding process, our design capabilities and the material characteristics, it is possible to create numerous functional and creative packaging solutions. We mention here: friction fit, clamping, embossing, debossing, hinging, closing mechanisms, and a large range of specific colors.


PaperFoam can easily be combined with other packaging materials like paper and paper board and several types of plastics.


Veuve Clicquot

  • Clamshell, combination of 2 trays

  • Isothermal: keeps the bottle cool up to 2 hours

  • Condens resistant

  • Ridged


  • Hinged tray

  • Closing mechanism

  • Automatically loadable and closeable

  • Embossing of logos

Nobel Biocare

  • Automatically loadable

  • Multiple cavity usage

  • Optimal transport stacking




  • Complete PaperFoam solution

  • Secure closing of tray by tape

  • Identical top and bottom tray

  • One insert for two products



  • Fit for seven different products
  • No need for poly bags
  • Combination of clamping and friction fit
  • Embossing of logos
Burts Bees


  • Hinged tray to snap tubes
  • Colored tray to match company style
  • Friction fit
  • Embossing of logos
Hard Disk Tray


  • Cushioning for Large Impact Strength

  • Identical top and bottom tray

  • Universal for 3,5" Hard Disk Drives



  • Debossed logos
  • Compact Tray Solution
  • Hinged tray
  • Closing lip with friction fit


  • Easy to take the product out of tray
  • Economic use of material
  • Distinctive presentation of the product

Toothbrush tray

  • Clamming to hold the products in the tray

  • Double injection to improve strength

  • Tray design adapted to total content weight of 1 kilogram

  • Combination of two trays (bottom and lid)

HMS Anybus


  • Optimal protection

  • Cushioning for Large Impact Strength



  • Two Tray Solution

  • Large Emobossed Logo

  • Sleeve with cut for logo

Sierra Wireless
Teenage Engineering
  • Layered Surface

  • Intergration of other materials

  • Mounting Holes for product fixation

  • Top tray on inner Box

  • Fingerholes for easy unpacking

  • Two Tray Solution

  • Ultimate protection of the heavy product

  • Optimal use of PaperFoam