PaperFoam is one of the most environmental friendly packaging materials available. It is made via a patented injection molding process. PaperFoam is made completely from natural resources and is a compostable product. It can be used in a wide variety of industries where a high quality packaging is needed. The material is used by well known companies world wide.


How is it made?


PaperFoam is made via an injection molding process.

This process is specially designed to make PaperFoam products.

Some applications.


As a packaging material PaperFoam is usable for a variety of different industries. Currently PaperFoam is used to pack Electronics, Cosmetics, Medical and Dry-Food. PaperFoam can be used in a wide variety of industries and not only as a packaging material. Visit the Portfolio with a variety of examples


A couple of material advantages are:


  • Possibility of friction fit of clamping features.
  • Embossing of logos/ text on the PaperFoam tray.
  • No need for poly-bags for dust and/or scratch protections.
  • Perfect fitting due to injection molding process.
  • Unlimited Colour possibilities.
Benefits of Paperfoam


PaperFoam is a packaging material made from Industrial starch. PaperFoam is:

  • compostable/bio-degradable
  • paper-recyclable
  • Feather light
  • Protecting
  • Produced with renewable ingredients
  • One of the most carbon friendly packaging