Our team of skilled designers is available to help improve your packaging. From hand sketch to detailed 3D SolidWorks, our focus is; simple and innovative improvements to reduce your total cost of ownership. With in-house expertise in different production technologies and materials, we can create cost efficient out of the box solutions!

Fast 3D solutions, short lead times, Injection molding, high level of detail, steep drafts, one step process, good cushioning, living hinge, undercuts and holes.


  • Two generic trays with custom product insert and 

  • Paper label

  • Tray dimensions 65 x 40 x 25 mm

  • 2.5mm wall thickness for all parts

  • 4 degree draft angle

  • Friction fit on ear buds, remote and jack

  • Company logo debossing

  • Centre notches in generic tray to position shells

Interesting facts


  • Standard draft for optimal stacking and production 8 degrees. Drafts up to 2 degrees are possible;PaperFoam products are designed with a continues wall thickness of 2.5mm. Products with a 2.0 and 3.0mm wall thickness are possible, depending on customer specifications;
  • By creating an undercut in the tool we can clamp / fixate products. This can also be done with a friction fit;

  • PaperFoam can be laminated with paper;

  • Standard glue, hotmelt and tape can be used to adhere parts. Also PaperFoam can be glued with water;

  • Central injection is possible for small products;

    PaperFoam is easy to use in an automated environment, eg pick and place machines / robots or trill feeders.